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Propped Up

The curtains open and the performer is performing, pleasing, ready to be dissected, to be critiqued, a window, the room, makeup and wigs and perfume, all smiles but cold light, glaring light, burning lights, observing lights, until the curtain is drawn.


Adapting, transforming, becoming, wishing to be; surviving, existing, transcending

Do you inhabit the clothes or do they support;


Support, tolerate, bear

Rumpled on the floor 

Focusing on a narrative sense of escapism, imposing works that explore trauma through theatricality, dualism and multiple identities, delving into both life as art and ancestral heritage, here I navigate the complexities of the human psyche both in experiencing life as a whole and overcoming ordeals such as emotional abuse and bullying. 

Much of my ongoing work is reliant on self-analysis and being hyper aware, drawing in multiple elements of lived experience and story-telling, an ongoing exploration of identity as I re-discover my own.

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